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Jets Vacuum System

JETS™ vacuum system

JETS™ introduced their now famous Vacuumarator® in 1989. It is a helical screw pump with a built-on macerator. When coupled with JETS™ vacuum toilets, it gives you a hygienic and environmentally friendly toilet system.

The Vacuumarator®

  • generates vacuum
  • macerates sewage
  • pumps it away to the main sewage system, storage tanks or for composting all in one operation

All in one operation

  • very low water use - as little as 0.5 litre per flush
  • reduction in the volume of waste produced
  • reduced piping size required
  • pipes independent of gravity
  • low energy consumption - approximately 4kwh per person/year
  • flexible installation

JETS™ vacuum toilets

  • manufactured in porcelain
  • wall mounted
  • floor mounted
  • no need for ventilation of the room - air evacuated at each flush

View the Jets™ smart vacuum sanitary solutions brochure for more detail.

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